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Our Services

At NYCS, our prowess is in reconditioning Reefer Containers into Cold Stores customized to customer's operating requirements for we know, one size does not fit all; customization is essential.
 With our wide experience, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the challenges posed by chilled and frozen food logistics handlers in hot and humid equatorial climate like Malaysia where food quickly deteriorates and becomes unfit for human consumption due to the lack of adequate and appropriate refrigeration. The many repeat orders we continue to receive from existing customers and the steady stream of word of mouth referral of new customers, is a solid endorsement testimony to the high customers' satisfaction experience we have earned all these years.
Aside from Reefer Containers, we also recondition Dry Containers into Cabins according to customers' specifications, complete with fittings for power and plumbing.
 We also build Cabins from scratch and this adds immense flexibility to the shape, size and choice of building material that goes into the choice cabin.
 Supported by a team of creative designers competent in CAD (Computer Aided Designing), we transform building ideas into realities with a fast turnaround time frame.
 As part of our commitment to service excellence and customers' satisfaction, we not only recondition and build Cabins, we also offer regular preventive maintenance and repair services to both our own products as well as those made by other companies.